Again Seattle says: Shell No!

If you want to act to stop Shell from opening arctic drilling operations out of Seattle's Port, see what you can do.

From Climate Solutions - UPDATE: The Port Commission will hear public testimony on the Shell lease issue at its meeting on May 12.

Arctic drilling is one of the last things we should be supporting, if we are to have any hope of stemming catastrophic impacts from climate change.  As you may have heard, the Port of Seattle has entered into a lease that will allow Shell Oil to maintain their Arctic drilling rigs at our publicly-owned facilities. 
This week, however, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray told an audience of climate advocates and clean energy economy leaders: “If it was up to me, there would be no place for Arctic offshore oil drilling equipment in Seattle.” In fact, he said that the City has found the lease to be in violation of the terms of a key shoreline permit. In short, Mayor Murray explained,  the Port of Seattle would need a new permit in order to follow through with its plan to host Shell’s drilling rigs. This is huge news, because now our Port Commissioners have a new opportunity to reevaluate the Port’s priorities. They have the chance to reject Shell’s use of Seattle as a home port for its harmful Arctic drilling operations.

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