In 1990, Washington State took bold steps to manage uncoordinated growth by adopting the landmark Growth Management Act (GMA). Futurewise, then 1000 Friends of Washington, was formed at that time by concerned citizens to ensure that the newly adopted law would be upheld.  Over that past 20 years, we’ve been working to protect farms, forests, and shorelines using the GMA and the Shoreline Management Act (SMA) as our guiding principles. 

Futurewise is the only organization working state-wide helping communities use smart growth strategies to ensure their long-term future.  By developing and advocating for effective state, regional and local planning and policies that support long-term economic, social and environmental sustainability, Futurewise protects our state’s natural resource areas and builds strong healthy communities for present and future generations.

Futurewise advocates at the local, regional and state-wide level; establishes diverse coalitions and partnerships, provides education and technical support to local citizens, organizations and public officials; leads on key local and state policy issues; and when necessary, intervenes legally to ensure that local plans and regulations are consistent with state law.



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Huge Victory for Spokane Complete Streets! For over three years, Futurewise worked with the City of Spokane to create an effective Complete Street Policy, writing the policy, educating the community and policy makers, and building a wide coalition of supporters from health care workers, unions, educators, and local businesses. The City of Spokane adopted the Complete Street Policy by a vote of 5-2.


Futurewise protects Washington’s working farmlands, forests and shorelines and builds strong healthy communities for present and future generations.