Toxic-Free Future / Washington Toxics Coalition

Toxic-Free Future works tirelessly to keep toxic chemicals out of homes, schools, and workplaces.

In 2016 Washington Toxics Coalition changed its name to Toxic-Free Future.

Tackling toxic chemicals involves complex science and systems. Our scientists bring the science of environmental health issues to the forefront to help policymakers, health advocates, and non-scientists make an impact. We strive to make complicated issues easy to understand for everyone. Making the science come alive for people provides them with the information they need to protect their families, and is critical to move them to act.

For the past 35 years, we have been making a difference in the lives of families in Washington state and beyond. The unique combination of science and multi-faceted advocacy campaigns has established TFF as a state and national leader in protecting public health and environment from harmful chemicals.


Toxic-Free Future advocates for the use of safer products, chemicals, and practices through advanced research, advocacy, grassroots organizing, and consumer engagement to ensure a healthier tomorrow.
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