Washington Native Plant Society

Washington Native Plant Society, a member based organization, seeks to expand the social appreciation and advocacy of Washington's native flora through continued efforts in education, research, conservation and stewardship. The society's members are dedicated to educating the public through experiences that immerse participants in the diversity of native flora in communities around the state.

The audience reaches all generations, from children in school programs, to college students engaged in Environmental science and Biology degrees, to Professionals in service of caring for the states resources, to retired adults who now are reconnecting with the natural world and enjoying the amazing habitats of Washington state. The society continues to be representative of the experts on the changing botanical inventory of the region, providing educational opportunities to raise community awareness of native plants and their importance to the health of the land, water and air quality of Washington state.

Washington Native Plant Society is comprised of twelve regional chapters around the state. Members are dedicated to the study, education, advocacy and stewardship of native plants and their habitats through educational events, outdoor experiences in the natural world, gardening and a community of like minded botanists.


To promote the appreciation and conservation of Washington's native plants and their habitats through study, education and advocacy.
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