Oil Train Explosions: A Timeline in Pictures

Member charity Sightline Institute has put together a timeline of recent problems with oil trains.

At 7:15 this morning, yet another crude oil train erupted into an inferno, this time near a small town in central North Dakota. As these wildly dangerous trains continue to explode—at least 10 in the last two years—it’s become challenging to keep track of them all. So, for the record, we’ve assembled here a pictorial timeline of North America’s bomb trains. Last week, the Obama administration adopted new regulations that will phase out many of the most hazardous tank cars over the next five to six years. The regulations also substantially reduce public oversight of train movements and industry behavior. We will update this post as new explosions occur. Heimdal, North Dakota: May 6, 2015 The latest on the train derailment. Click here for details http://t.co/CkwQuCMbGq pic.twitter.com/jnGh5kQluy— KX News - Bismarck (@KXMB) May 6, 2015 Gogama, Ontario: March 7, 2015 Close up overhead view of derailed ruptured tank cars on fire in Ontario, Canada (March 7, 2015) by Transportation Safety Board of Canada (license) (Used with permission.) Galena, Illinois: March 6, 2015   Mount Carbon, West Virginia: February 16, 2015 Kanawha River, West Virginia, Crude Oil Derailment...

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