Volunteer Twice, Earn a Free Pass

There are a lot of great reasons to get out and volunteer - make friends, support a cause you care about or to learn new things. Washington Trails Associations has a program that rewards you directly as well.

Washington Trails news - People join WTA work parties for many reasons: to keep our trails looking their best, to learn about a new area, even to make friends—but there's another reason to volunteer that you might not be aware of. When you participate in two work parties on National Forest land, you'll earn an annual Northwest Forest Pass—the $30 pass that you need to park at many trailheads in the state. This is a pretty handy perk, and the summer season is the best time to earn your pass. With volunteer work parties scheduled on all five of Washington's National Forests this summer, WTA has plenty of chances for you to rack up those two work parties and get your free pass. How will you know if the work party you sign up for qualifies? When you check out our Trail Work Parties Schedule, look in the "free pass" column. If it says "Yes", that work party counts towards earning a pass. After receiving your pass, you'll be just three work parties away from earning your own hard hat, complete with nickname. Read about WTA's volunteer benefits program here.



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